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​Most Perth homes all boast a rug to add that delicate touch of décor and carpet feel to the floor. But has yours had the cleaning it needs.

Redefining clean.
Though vacuuming is effective in removing most dirt and dust, it, unfortunately, cannot do it all. There are still going to be soils and oils that even the greatest suction home vacuums will not be able to conquer.

We take it to that next level of clean removing that hidden layer of soil that holds the rug back from shining through by using high powered industrial vacuums to suck up all the unwanted lodgings.

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Accommodate to all rug types.
Carpet Cleaning Perth has the goods manufacturers praise. With cleaners undergoing extensive training, we provide a variety of cleaning methods to help all rug types. From oriental beauty pieces requiring precision, care and attention to detail, to your scoobys’ shaggy and your standard throw.

We care for you and your rug.
We want you to feel satisfied with confidence knowing you can hug your rug, and it will be nothing but super clean and environmentally healthy. Understanding and respecting the beautiful floor piece you have invested in, we promise to care for them as if they were our own. We use only the utmost correct solutions to ensure a safe and superior clean.

Professional cleaning process.
We begin our expertise cleaning process by identifying the condition of your rug, its material and the appropriate cleaning solution and products for it. This way only the best finish results.

Just like our elite carpet cleaning, we use high-pressure hot water extraction process clean to get the most thorough and satisfying result. It works by injecting steam deep into the material fibres lifting and unsettling all the dirt and germs.

Expertise with experience.
Know if you have some stains on your rug, all hope is not lost. We can adapt to certain types of stains on certain types of rugs thanks to our vast expertise and knowledge base. Rest assured, we know precisely what we are doing, and we are the very best at doing it. Each rug will be carefully cleaned as so no damage occurs in the process.

Bring your rug back to life.
Over time, your rugs will begin to deteriorate in colour, look, smell and feel, and when being the centrepiece of the floor that is not ideally what you want. You want that baby to stay vibrant clean and glamorous on the ground.

When general cleaning isn’t doing its thing, or you think it’s time for maintenance treatment. Being Perth’s most sought out carpet cleaners, we are the experts for the job. For a rug clean like no other, fill out the simple quote form on the right-hand side of the page or call us at 1300 881 865.