If you want to clean carpets, you need to have the right tools. There are plenty of things you keep in mind, from chemicals to break down stains to rags for soaking up water. One of the many tools you’ll want to have to do your cheap carpet cleaning is a vacuum cleaner.

When choosing a vacuum, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, there’s ease of use. If it’s hard to use, you probably won’t want it no matter how good it is. A simple vacuum cleaner is going to sell better and be more useful than one that’s complex and has more moving parts than a car.

People want to be able to use a vacuum with minimal reference to the manual. This is true whether you’re a professional or someone trying to do a cheap carpet cleaning.

Durability is also important. It’s not a good thing if the vacuum breaks when you use it often.

One of the issues with vacuum cleaners is that the moving parts take a beating. They pick up debris that can damage the interior. This can be problematic if the device isn’t designed well because it’s going to be exposed to all sorts of problems.

You want a vacuum cleaner that’s tough on the outside and inside. Unfortunately, most of the time, you’re only going to find that out by testing it.

Noise is also a significant concern. Vacuum cleaners are loud and noisy things. That can make using them an exercise in frustration, especially if you live in an apartment or something similar. If you have one that makes a lot of noise, you’re going to be very unhappy.

It’s best to get one that’s not going to be too loud. The way vacuums work means that they will be making a lot of noise, so pick one that’s at a level you and your home can tolerate.

Of course, all of those details pale in comparison to the most crucial part. Can it clean carpets? If your cleaner can’t do the job, why bother having it?

The answer will vary based on the floor and surfaces that you intend to clean. Some carpets and rugs are harder to clean than others. A vacuum that can’t work on your type of carpeting is a bad idea. If it lacks attachments that can adapt it for use from general cleaning to carpets, that’s also a problem.