If you’re cleaning a carpet, you probably know there are multiple ways to do it. If you’re looking to clean that baby up yourself, let us help. Even if you don’t call us for a commercial carpet cleaning, you need to know what the techniques available are so you can choose wisely.

First, there’s the shampoo method.

Shampoo cleaning uses a soap detergent. It is used to scrub carpets with a rotary machine, which means it’s usually in the hands of commercial carpet cleaning teams. While a shampoo cleaning can be useful, it’s best used on stains rather than dirt. On some fibres, it pushes debris down into the pile.

The need for a rotary machine makes it difficult for the average home to use this method. Though the ones that do might also be using the device for waxing floors.

Another tactic that people use is that of dry powdering.

This method uses a cleaning compound that you sprinkle on the cleaning carpet. It will be allowed to rest, absorbing the stains and dirt. After that, brush the carpeting and vacuum to get the powder out. Be sure to vacuum multiple times, to make sure you get all the powder.

Carbonated water is also a useful method.

The idea begins with a solution that is pre-sprayed on the carpet. A rotary machine follows, using a bonnet at the bottom to pass over the carpet. This transfers soil and dirt to the pad. It’s efficient and often better than a shampooing, but there are times when dirt and grime remains.

Steam cleaning is perhaps the most famous and most efficient, but this means you need to call for a professional to get the job done.

Despite the name, steam isn’t used in this process. The soap solution relies more on hot water extraction techniques that look similar to steam. The solution is sprayed on the carpet, while the hot water removes the soap. Along with the soap, you also get rid of dirt, stains, and water.

This is the cheap carpet cleaning method and the one that most professional companies make use of. There are only a few that still others other techniques.

In fact, steam cleaning is perhaps the most recommended method for cleaning a carpet. Professionals who advise it use high-quality detergents and equipment not available to the average consumer. The way things are extracted leaves the carpets as clean as the day they rolled out.